I Know What You Did Last Summer: Location Privacy in WiFi Networks

Do you sometimes have a feeling your online privacy is being compromised? You’re right! find out more on next MobileMonday!

Do you sometimes have a feeling your online privacy is being compromised? You’re right! This month’s MoMo is dedicated to that particular problem. Our guest lecturer  will talk about Location Privacy in WiFi Netvorks.

In case you forgot, for quite some time now enthusiastic mobile developers are gathering around Mobile Monday in Split, organized by Profico, and joined with houndreds of other Mobile Monday towns in the world.

#MoMoST February will be held on 2nd of March at 18:00 @FESB, A101 hall. If you plan to attend this meetup, please sign up on MeetUp to confirm your attendance. This will only take 1 minute, it is required if you want to participate and it gives us the ability to organize things better.

Please sign up on MeetUp to confirm your attendance. Registration will take 1 min and it is necessary in order to participate.

On the following Mobile Monday, on March 2nd we have planned one lecture:

18:00 – 19:00  – Location Privacy in WiFi Networks

Toni will tell us something more about the huge popularity of mobile and portable wireless devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, has increased a widespread use of wireless technologies, such as WiFi. Unfortunately, the open nature of WiFi connectivity causes wireless stations to broadcast their unique WiFi fingerprint, i.e. SSIDs of their preferred wireless networks. Such information can be used for indooe tracking, localization and targeted services, which raises a number of potential anonymity issues.


  • Evolution of tracking systems
  • Anonymity Issues
  • Basics of WiFi service discovery (active vs. passive)
  • Implications of WiFi service discovery on user’s anonymity
  • Advanced attacks on Preferred Network Lists (PNLs)

Toni Perković is employed as a senior researcher at FESB, University of Split, where he is actively involved in courses in the fields of cryptography and network security, wireless security, wireless sensor networks and human-computer interaction.

19:00 Networking at Caffe bar FESB

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Do not forget, be sure to sign up on MeetUp in order to confirm your attendance.

See you all on Monday, March 2nd @FESB, A101 hall!

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