Mobile Monday Split No#4

Here we go again – Mobile Monday Split No.4! This time with Codeanywhere, startup with the best mobile platform for

Here we go again – Mobile Monday Split No.4! This time with Codeanywhere, startup with the best mobile platform for coders. Join us for cool lectures and networking session with Rizzo sandwiches!

Profico and FESB (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split) are announcing next Mobile Monday Split, this time with very successful mobile & web startup story, the story about Codeanywhere mobile applications. This startup with American address is started in Split, got funded two times and grown into the serious company with offices in Split and Palo Alto. They have just launched new generation of mobile applications aiming to become standard for coding on the mobile platform. These awesome Android and iOS mobile applications are developed by Profico team, which makes us proud contributor in this success story. After launch of new mobile platform, daily user sign-ups are going crazy which makes this story even more interesting to hear and learn from.

Next #MoMoST event will be held on 3rd of February 2014. at 18:00 at FESB , A102 hall If you plan to attend this meeting, please sign up on MeetUp to confirm your attendance. This will only take 1 minute, it is required to participate, and it gives us the ability to organize things better.

On the following Mobile Monday, @November 4th, we will have one interesting lecture and networking session with Rizzo sandwiches afterwards. So, this is the agenda.

18:00 The mobile story of Codeanywhere, Ivan Burazin

In this lecture Ivan will talk about Codeanywhere startup and their mobile apps. He will explain marketing strategy behind success of their mobile applications, talk about design process and development with Profico team, and demonstrate some of Codeanywhere iOS and Android mobile apps.

After the lectures, you can find the speakers and other attendees at:

19:00 Rizzo sandwiches and networking session at the nearby caffe (powered by Codeanywhere)

Networking is in the essence the most important part of such an event. Mobile developers can find mentorship, freelance projects, employment options, companies can find other companies, freelancers or developers for their projects, and everybody can learn from other peoples experiences. To make this networking session beter and more interesting, Codeanywhere is buying a round of Rizzo sandwiches for all networking attendees 🙂

All attendees are reminded to register on Meet-up in order to participate! Please do not forget this step!

In case that you are interested in holding a lecture about Mobile Development and would like to speak at Mobile Monday Split, feel free to contact us at . Just send a short description, or idea that we can discuss with some beer.

See you all at Monday 3rd. February @FESB, A102 hall!

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