Mobile Monday Split October

We are back, it is time for Mobile Monday #18! This is the third year of Mobile Monday in Split and second year

We are back, it is time for Mobile Monday #18! This is the third year of Mobile Monday in Split and second year that Profico is in charge of the #MoMoST organization. If you are interested in new things in the Mobile world, be sure to join us on excellent lectures and learn something new and interesting. This time, we are learning about Swift.

In case you have never heard of MoMoST, for quite some time now, mobile developers in Split are gathering around and are organizing Mobile Monday event in Split, joining Split with hundreds of other Mobile Monday towns in the world.

This eighteenth #MoMoST event will be held on 13th October at 18:00 @FESB, A102 hall. If you plan to attend this meeting, please sign up on MeetUp to confirm your attendance. This will only take 1 minute, it is required if you want to participate and it gives us the ability to organize things better.

Be sure to sign up on MeetUp to confirm your attendance. Registration will take 1 min and it is necessary in order to participate.

On the following Mobile Monday@October 13th we have one lecture in plan:

18:00 – 19:00 Swift – live coding demonstration

Ivo Leko

Swift is a new multi-paradigm, compiled programming language created by Apple for iOS and OS X development. We will learn why Apple decided to give us a new programming language and what is so special about Swift. We will work through some examples together in a live coding demonstration using new Xcode Playground.


  • Introduction to Swift
  • Introduction to Playground
  • Basics (variables, constants, strings, arrays and operators)
  • Tuples and Optionals
  • Control flow, loops and functions
  • Closures and Enumerations
  • Classes, Methods and Extensions

19:00 Networking with pizza and beer

Networking is the most important part of such an event. Mobile developers can find mentorship, freelance projects, employment options, companies can find other companies, freelancers or developers for their projects.

Special thanks to FESB for providing us with A102 hall!

Also, be sure to get into our Facebook group!

Do not forget, sign up on MeetUp in order to confirm your attendance.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys again! See you all on Monday 13th October @FESB, A102 hall!


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