A cloud based code editor and collaboration platform.



Codeanywhere is TechStars startup on the mission to take coding into cloud. It’s cloud based code editor and collaboration platform, pitched as “Google docs for developers”, has all the features of a Desktop IDE but with additional features only a cloud application can give you. Another cool feature is “coding on the go” from all mobile platforms.


More than half a million developers in the world are using Codeanywhere editor to share and collaborate on their code in real time, whether their want to pair program, or just get some help from a friend.

Native Mobile Android & iOS

It had to be native and fully custom to achieve completely smooth coding experience. And mobile apps had much more than code editor functions. Integration with services like Dropbox, GitHub, SandBox, FTP, SFTP, provides developers with freedom to access and manipulate their code on almost every server or repository.


Challenge of bringing good coding experience on the small mobile and tablet touch screen was a real delight to our UI/UX team. Requirement to have smartphone and tablet code editor app working in both portrait and landscape layouts, with multiple open tabs, code autocompletion, directory and server browsing, special coding keyboard with all shortcuts available, was far from our everyday job. But, having bunch of code geeks in our team helped a lot to test cool UX concepts, bringing for the first time in the history full coding experience to the mobile.

Web & Blog

Besides mobile apps, we took care of complete visual presentation of Codeanywhere, including web, illustrations, and the blog.


Having top notch product without adequate video pitch presentation is not possible. For Codeanywhere team we have created illustrated video with geeky dude coding on the go.


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