Profico Summer Camp

July 19 - July 30

Applications close on July 1



Project Management



What is Profico Summer Camp?

Profico Summer Camp is a two-week educational program where students participate in a digital product development course that replicates real-life collaboration in the product team. You will gain insights not only into the technology, design & delivery methods, but also in our company’s processes and typical work dynamics. The main goal is to establish an early interface with a company and hire young talents!

What is in it for you?


Practical work

Connect theoretical knowledge with practical work and realistic project situations.

Easier career start

Some practical experience truly helps kick-start your career!

New set of skills

We bet you don’t know everything about product design, development and delivery, don’t you?

Mentor guidance

You will meet established professionals as your mentors. Ask them anything you want to know! Get hired or recommended by a mentor!

Great networking opportunity

Start building your business network early, it is valuable capital for your future career development.

Prepare yourself for the job

Break that barrier between education and the business world and prepare yourself for the reality of the first job!

What are we going to do

Product design


Mentoring sessions

Design sprints


Practical work

Web development

Mobile development

Meet your mentors

Ivan Lovrić

Ivan Lovrić


Ivan Romac

Ivan Romac


Pero Pavlović

Pero Pavlović


Ivan Ferenčak

Ivan Ferenčak


Miro Marasović

Miro Marasović


Check out last year's atmosphere


Last year group
Last year backendLast year PM teamLast year mobile team
Last year mobile team

I was very excited to enter this program in the first generation, and I didn’t expect to see such a detailed process of product development. It was a great experience with patient mentors, and most importantly, I have decided to choose this team for my first and the most important job!


Student, FESB, 5th year

Selection process



Via form on this page. Applications close on July 1.



Live chat with top candidates (real time problem solving).



The list of selected candidates will be announced by July 7 (selected candidates will be contacted by email).

Ideal candidate

We would like to offer this opportunity to highly motivated students, eager to learn and grow professionally, with a proven track record of personal excellence in any field (education, competitions, sport, hobbies, etc.). We give some advantage to final year students, but younger students and freshmans are not excluded.

Final year student

Although we believe that it is never too early to start learning, we believe that this program is more suitable for students who have at least some theoretical knowledge. But if you are young and ambitious, drop us a message anyway!

Free during summer

We count on your full commitment to the program, and that means 10 workdays hangin’ and learnin’ with the top professionals in their fields ready to invest their time in your personal growth. So you better clear your schedule! Afternoons are for swimming. :)

Passionate learner

Show us you are passionate about IT stuff and we will help you light up your passion into great fireworks of skill and knowledge. We would like to dedicate ourselves to people dedicated to learning and growing!


Your Profico Summer Camp starts here

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