Working summer secret tips by Profico – FREE summer vector icon set included

For all those of you that are planning to work throughout the entire summer we hear your struggles. To help you ease the pain, we’ve designed a FREE custom made summer icons vector set for your joy.

So here’s the deal, most of our colleagues are of on vacation. And while they’re indulging themselves in summer perks of living in Croatia, some of us aren’t that much lucky.

To make summer working days easier, the rest of us decided to act cool, put on our poker faces and simply be happy because of their vacation:

                                                  “Yup ain’t gonna happen”

Luckily for us, our firm is located near one of the most popular beaches in sunny Split. You can literally walk down to the beach straight away from the office. Thus, leading us to number one tip for all of our employees:

1. Embrace the summer-look dress code

summer look

“Try going to work in winter              “It’s better to go topless, than jobless”
wearing swimsuit and ten lines
all of you vacationers”

During summer time you can always save some time for yourself during, since most of your friends and co-workers are probably on their vacation. With that in mind we move to the second secret tip:

2. Find some time for yourself

summer 3
“Im gonna be pretty if it’s the last thing I’ll do”

Or maybe you’ve been considering going to the gym and getting yourself in shape?

Wait, wait, wait! Exercising during summer!? Meh…No need to worry we’ll skip this part right away.

It’s time to get serious.
If taking time for yourself is not your thing you’ll have to ask your self one question:
“To SEA or not to SEA?” (pun intended).
Bet you didn’t SEA that coming? (ups, there goes another one).

What we meant is that all summer activities usually come down to (not) going to the beach. Moving us to number 3 and 4 of our working summer tips list:

3. Things to do on the sea

summer 4 summer 4,1 summer 4,2
                                “Lay down and enjoy, explore sea wild-life, send a love letter…”                  

4. Sea-less things to do

summer 5 summer 5,2 summer 5,1

    “Go catch a Pikachu, watch Jaws 1,2,3, or go for a short camping trips at weekends”

Well, there you have it folks, four funny secret tips on how to spend your summer working full time. Hopefully we’ve succeeded in making you laugh while scrolling through our blog post. If not, here’s a download link to our completely free vector summer icons se we’ve made especially for you. Stay tuned for more summer blog posts in the following weeks.

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