We have sponsored guys who built racing bolide!

We have sponsored guys who built racing bolide!

If you think that software projects and mobile applications are complex, you might think again when you check what these guys from FESB at University of Split, founders of UPS association have done! They have actually build real racing bolide. On the college.

More than 70.000 hours of construction and design hard work, together with hours spent on building the bolide, resulted with racing-capable formula. So, if you are asking why this project deserves it’s place between topics on our blog, the reason is – we just admire these young people.

They have reminded us on our team, devoted to getting things done with passion, making dreams come truth.

Racing bolide completely built by UPS FESB team

So, when bunch of young and brilliant people ask you for help on such project, you can not refuse them. You just give them what they ask you for.

We are inviting other companies to join this venture of pure enthusiasm and support this young team in their efforts. We can not describe you amount of pride you will feel when you see your company’s logo on the bolide, helmet, and t-shirts when they come to race.

Profico on bolid

Profico on helmet.

Proud sponsors in racing mood. Ante Dagelić and Mateo Perak, Profico founders.

You can check more about the project on http://ups-fesb.hr.
Don’t you think they rock?! Hell yea!

Mateo Perak

Mateo Perak

Founder, Managing Director

Passionate entrepreneur & IT engineer. In love with mobile & web technologies. Co-founded few companies and SHIFT Conference. Jiu jitsu freak.

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